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UI Patterns is not the end of creating a well-designed responsive website. Animations are also an important and helpful factor that will improve not just the aesthetics but also get your audience’s interest and provide better and easier navigation.Keep in mind that you should never DIY your WP animations. Always hire skilled WordPress Developers Sydney to create rich animations for your WP website. Besides that, using animation shouldn’t be treated lightly. Placement on the page is important in order to enhance the page. If not, the page will just look cluttered.

WordPress Developers Sydney

WordPress Developers Sydney

Two Types of Animations

There are actually two types of animations that can be placed on a website.


Large scale animations.

These include anything that are primary animation tools that can impact the user’s navigation such as parallax scrolling and pop-up notifications.

Small scale animations.

These include spinners, hover tools and loading bars, and don’t require any user input.


Know, let’s know about the most effective animations you can have on your website.

Loading animations

This is quite popular among users especially if the website focuses on minimalism and/or one-page websites. They are to entertain users while navigating your website.

Navigation and menus (non-scrolling)

Hidden navigation menus are quite popular these days since it’s easy for users to navigate and gives your extra screen space.

Hover animations

Hover effects give a more intuitive feel to a site as users mouse over content. This is usually implemented on e-Commerce websites or those using a lot of images.

Galleries and slideshows

Another perfect and effective way to showcase multiple images on the website without the possibility of slow loading of images.

Motion animation

We are naturally drawn to motion and striking colors, which makes motion animation perfect for drawing in your audience.


Smooth scrolling relies on animation and gives further control to the user, who can determine the pace of how the animation unfolds.

Now, that we’ve listed it. It’s time to get WordPress Developers Sydney to implement it and make your website not just aesthetic but also responsive and appealing to your audience.